What Are the Factors That Determine the Average Cost of the Medicare Supplement Plans?


The Medicare Supplement plans cost can differ from one person to another. This is because there are many factors that determine the premium that you would be paying towards the Medigap plan.  Find a 2019 supplement plan at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-2019/

Factors that affect the Medicare Supplement plans cost

Every private health insurance company and every state will have an upper hand in deciding the premium cost towards the Medigap plan. Every state has its own rules and regulations which impacts the prices.

The common factors that determine the price of the Medigap plan are:

  • Age and Gender

The insurance company will decide on the premium rate based on your age and your gender. The older you get the more expensive is the policy. The supplement insurance is more expensive for men in some cases. The state would have its own table to decide on the gender rates.

  • Zip code

The premium amounts get affected based on where you buy the plan from. Some of the states could be more expensive based on the demographics. Many insurance companies would be determining the rate based on the zip code.

  • Use of tobacco

The price of the Medicare supplement plans will be high if you consumer tobacco. It does not really matter what form of tobacco you consume. If you are addicted to any form of tobacco be ready to pay extra premium.

  • The coverage type

There are also different kinds of coverage like issue age, attained age and community rated plans. The majority of plans sold consider the attained age. The issue and the community rated plans do not increase the rate based on the increasing age of the issuer but these instead increase rates based on claims.

  • Age of the plan that is selected

The older is the coverage the more expensive is the plan. If the company is new in your area then the premium that it will offer will be lower as compared to the ones that are already established. The providers who come with more experience will increase their rate accordingly.

  • The method of making premium payments and discounts available

You can save on some costs towards the Medigap plan by paying premium monthly through a bank account. This saves the insurance company administrative expenses. If the bank transfer is automated then it saves you some money.

Some companies could also be offering marital spouse discount or preferred rates in case the customer is in good health.


The overall cost of the Medigap is thus dependent on many factors. You may want to buy the plan through an agent that will make shopping around easier for you.